Friday, January 3, 2014

New years resolutions

Hey peeps, 2014.  Seriously! We are alive in 2014.  So where is the hoverboard I was promised huh?
Growing up reading 2000ad magazine it never occurred to me that I would be living through it.  They did get some things right.   Totalitarian big brother dystopia... check.  Robot manservants... er... roomba I guess... check.  Evil megacorporations... checkity, check-check and if course fatties.  Bang on there.
So how will I be spending my 2014 on this here blog?  Well folks... I have been giving it some thinkage... and here is the thunks I am thunkimicating.
First, I am going to start focusing on finishing small warband projects, with lavish attention given to each figure to give it some personality.  For minis without much hope of that, the base will get some attention instead.  Last year was all factory mode... a race to get everything done.  This year it's about making little treasures.
For this years bases I have finally decided to stop buggering about and commit to 30mm classic 'multi' bases for my fantasy warbands.  Having tried everything last year I gave it some serious thought and found these suited my needs the best.

They are... super cheap (in bulk), do not require slot filling, do not need sanding, do not need drilling to magnetise, are mdf and resin dust free (so no toxic lung death), easy to pick up by the base, lightweight,  the sides are black and polished, the surface flat and responsive to superglue and I can keep the slot on rare figures.  Done.  Next problem.

The next thing on my list is base decoration and colors.  This year I am taking a fresh approach by using subdued mottled colors over green-grey with a more frazetta like feel.  I keep coming back to John Blanches modern bases and his really early ones for inspiration. Last year I mentioned that the thing about Johns Bases is that they evoke the world beyond the bases edges... and a twisted,  mad world it is too.  I want that for mine.

Terrain wise I have decided to explore a twisted, dusty realm of alien plants and lost civilizations that crosses both sci-fi and fantasy, allowing me to mix and match peices on the same game board.  I am tired of lime green flock!

Figure wise, this year is about higher contrast for tabletop- punching out details and getting some cool free hand going, such as banners and shields.  I still want the soft blends of Fraser Gray, if possible- but deeper shadows and crisper edges than my usual.

The subdued bases will allow the figure to stand out a bit more too.

The start of the year is about getting shit done.  What shit?  Playable small warbands... that's what buddy!  First off the ranks with the new look will be my orc, armored skeleton and broo warbands, which are now all based up and ready for paint.  I love broo.

On the collecting front, I will try to track down enough undead for my John Blanche undead assault project when cash is available.   Expensive year coming up... with any luck!

Well, that's me.  Speak soon!


  1. Hey, Dave, happy new year!

    Could you point me to a link to the manufacturer of those bases? I wonder if they make square bases...

    1. I'm guessing that the base is AmsKeeper's multipurpose 30mm. J.B. uses these bases as well.

    2. Happy new year! You can find the bases at Impact! Miniatures as well as EM4. Impact do 1000 packs. Mmmm... 1000.

  2. Greetings and Happy New Year, Dave! Your hobby resolutions sound good and inspired. . . and perfectly doable.

    One thing to mention I've found about those particular 30mm bases you've settled on: for whatever reason, blu-tac seems to have no grip on those buggers whatsoever. I use those same bases for any bigger models or D&D monsters in my collection, and I have lost count of the times now where I have had to repaint an almost-finished miniature because the base and mini slipped off the cap I had it attached to. Perhaps a wee spot of super glue would hold it better, but I always worry about that damaging the finish on the base edge. I guess just be careful- it'd be a shame to have any of those "treasures" chipped during finishing.

    It's great to have you posting frequently again. Looking forward to a great 2014 on King's Minis! Cheers!

  3. I use the same bases for D&D as well. Cheap and on ebay, sort of makes them popular. As for sticking them down with blu-tac if you push and twist the mini down it sticks a lot better. I've never had one fall off (that is a standard sized mini).

    I look forward to more old school fantasy odds and ends in the coming year.

    1. I superglue 4.5 mm magnets underneath and fill in the rest with spak.
      They snap onto fender washers I superglue to my painting handles.

      May I suggest sprinkling a little sand onto superglue underneath to give your bluetac system something to bite onto? May I? Go on... let me suggest that. Please.

    2. Hmm. never thought of that. I've got some rather too rough sandpaper lying around, could stick that down and give it a go.

  4. Okay... just ordered 1000 bases. That should keep me busy for a few weeks.