Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Giant restoration begins

My Grenadier war giant project kicked off last night.  I wanted to halt any corrosion by getting him to a primed state asap.  So I polished, assembled and filled the main body and attached him to a mdf drinks coaster to give him a sturdy base.
The throne is also missing, and one of the cross bars snapped- so I have decided to build my own howdah.  Since I am going to all that effort, I thought I would build it for chaos dwarfs instead and fleabay off the original orcs and howdah platforms.
My plan now is to aquire some citadel or metal magic dwarf cannons, swivel guns or flame cannons then build a snap-in magnetic platform.  Skaven warp cannons may also work nicely.
The crew will be seperate and also snap into place on magnets buried into the howdah.
The throne I think I will replace with Saurons throne from the old citadel range.  Some real chains would be nice too.
Quite a project- but it can be done in stages over the next year or two as I aquire bits.  I will just paint the giant to begin with.
I also based up my war hedgehog.   I love him!

Grenadier War Giant (Mirliton), Citadel White Dwarf 1st edition

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