Saturday, January 25, 2014

Cancon haul 2014

Wow, what a haul this year!  The second hand stall was buzzing and things where cheap as chips.

Here is a photo of most of my haul.  A few really exciting pieces.

A standard miniatures 'war hedgehog'- the grand daddy of modern furry minis like Justice & Cayke or mouslings.  This bad ass was on my ebay search for years.  Appearing in white dwarf mag, it just tickled my fancy.  Bumped up the paint queue!

Second, and I am still trembling with excitement (or possibly the hotdogs from the centre may be to blame)- I scored an original Grenadier Orc War Giant for 30 bucks.  The ballistas are missing, but I care not... this is kilos of lead badassery I don't have to ship from Mirliton in italy now!   Oh the leaden awesomeness!

Third is a 45mm female inquisitor.  Yessss.

Fourth- two metal reaver titans.

Fifth- 14 ral partha centaurs in need of a little tlc.

Sixth- a copy of confrontation third edition for $2.

Then in no particular order,  hasslefree female troops, copplestone corporate babes, Eureka skeleton pirates, citadel 80's orc war machine crew, dnd warforged titan, confrontation earth elemental, fuseliers and Bregan the Apostate, abysal dwarf blacksouls, warmachines mariner, a huge bitsbox and a fat kevin adams goblin.

Happy birthday to me!


  1. Oh, you lucky, lucky dog. I can not wait to see that Grenadier giant get the Dave King treatment. And a large scale Inquisitor?! I am intrigued. . .
    2014 holds some interesting developments at King's Minis fer shur. Nice haul!

  2. Nice! Good haul for myself too,perhaps too good(:

  3. Too good? You can give stuff to me. :)

  4. Ez Dave,

    Wonder if you might help me out on a random question. I seem to be burning through brushes of late and was curious before I order more - what types of brushes do you use? I have plenty of the fine detail brushes, but the main workhorse ones for base layers and that sort of general painting sized ones is what I am curious about. I have had the base model Citadel ones and some Army Painter ones... Any you can recomened or maybe you could do an article on something like this one day?

    Thanks again,

  5. Metal Reaver Titans! Gimme gimme gimme!