Wednesday, January 29, 2014

War Hedgehog

I have been aching to get one of these silly little buggers for ages!  Here he is, in all his daft glory... the War Hedgehog from Standard Games (As a kid, I didn't know 'Standard' meant flag... and wondered why a company would call itself 'average' games).  This guy predated all the mouseling and teenage mutant ninja turtles silly monster fads, and was truely amusing back in the 1980s.

War Hedgehog (Standard Miniatures)
Here he is mounted on a 30mm base... so he is quite a big critter.  I don't really have plans to get the killer penguin, but if he lands on my desk he will get a darm good painting too. It is a shame he doesnt have the dramtic swing and cool axe that appears in the artwork, but hey... a little slice of my gaming history come true... a chunk of white dwarf I used to pour over as a child now a painted reality on my shelf.  I suspect I will add a few mushrooms to his base when I can be bothered to give him a little color.  Well, there you go.  Onwards and backwards in time I go!

The war Hedgehog advertised bottom right.  Page from White Dwarf.


  1. Wow! How did the cassette tape work from a game perspective?

    I remember playing a VHS game back in the day, you had to pause every now and then so that you had time to decide which way you wanted to go.... I think it was called "nightmare"? Or something like that.

    Classic old school stuff Dave.

  2. THanks- I remember nightmare. The review for dragonroar on boardgame geek talks about the cassette- nothing special by the sound of it. I suspect you had to wind the tape back and forward!

  3. Lovely stuff Dave. I remember the adverts from BiTD. Just on a historical note, TMNT started being published in '84, and Dragonroar in 85 - but indeed before TMNT became a fad.

  4. Fantastic! I used to stare longingly at the advert for Dragonroar back in the day (I didn't get out much). Gutted to read reviews recently and I find that it wasn't much to write home about. Still...killer penguins, war hedgehogs...what's not to love.

  5. I still have those magazines... but never bought DRAGONROAR. I did play TMNT though!