Monday, December 23, 2013

Hellish giftmas

Merry retrolicious leadmas my little Gelfling stabbers.
This year I managed to once again not finish my Christmas specials.  At least I am being traditional.   This year it is Reaper minis excellent Xmas Sophie who stopped shortly after basic washes.  Oh, but I did manage to sculpt up a matching rickety wooden base for Citadel's Sanity Claws from last year.
Next year I plan to not complete some xmas mouslings... and maybe a Christmas dwarf if I can find a nice cheap one.
One last act of xmas spirit had me assemble a Chaos Dwarf Hellcannon that I got for Christmas last year.  Finelycast?  Nope... it was so warped I could barely get it together.  I have done enough resin casting to tell this was untimely ripped from it's mold- the central cannon pivot support holes had collapsed in on themselves.  I used a hairdryer to kinda sorta fix it but once again I am reminded that this is a super expensive, inferior product.  Quality control be damned.
I felt better that I managed to assemble one more of my xmas presents... but it is kinda embarrassing how many I have yet to even get out their boxes.  I have two chaos mounted champions, three chaos characters, a box of hellstriders, dark eldar,a box of chaos knights, skaven, trolls and some plastic human millitia.  Yikes.  I better dedicate some gluey time next year.
How bad is your haul pile from previous years?  Go on... be honest.
Oh... I also tacked on another photo of some of my JB style chaos for you.

Limited Edition Sanity Claws (Citadel) and Limited Edition Xmas Sophie (Reaper)
Three Chaos Spawn walk into a bar.  The bar clears out.  All custom conversions.

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