Sunday, December 15, 2013

Slaanesh Warband

Howdy doodie, duderinos.  The waves of figures on my desk have yet to destroy me.  A few more near completion.  Mushroom bases, a bit more touches of color and edging, then varnished and done!

Here I give you my new Slaanesh members.  I decided that pastels don't really say hardcore spank as much as shiney red and black leather.  So I give you my deviant palette.

The Daemondog ("young girl... they call them the Daemondogs".. Bowie anyone?) previously shown has her slap on now for the most part.

The Demonettes (fuck the bullshit 'a's) got classic paint schemes based on their first appearance in white dwarf- courtesy of Phil Lewis and John Blanche.

More as I churn, churn, churn.


  1. Cool, classic warband - I finally gotta paint something from my Slaanesh models.

  2. Splendiferous. If those miniatures were featured in WD #118 no one would bat an eyelid as to continuity etcetera.

  3. Thank you for presenting your new Slaanesh members! Sorry, couldn't resist. The yellow nicely completes the black armour on both Chaos warriors. The flesh looks very nice, too. I like your painting style; so please continue to post.

  4. Seeing how the demondog's bottom is reddish, I guess there must have been some hard spanking around indeed.
    Brilliant warband, I'm loving every bit of it.

  5. Just lovely! Really fantastic painting and exemplar model selection!

  6. These look bloody lovely! How do you get the lovely retro looking bases? Just started a Hordes of the Things Undead army that I'm wanting to try it out on :)