Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Walking Dead

My work allowed me to set up a small painting area near my desk, so I got to finally paint something.  It's been so long.

A few days ago I picked up The Walking Dead: Total War boxed set as well as a couple of the booster packs, and am absolutely delighted with them all so far. The real draw card for me was plenty of capable looking women and children figures.  Relatable apocalyse survivors that are terrified also helps lift the range over the usual snarling hero fare.

I had to jump it up my paint queue.

Tonight I managed to base, undercoat and undershade all my survivors, as well as paint their bases.

My first decision was to slice off their integrated bases and glue them all to 32mm bases.  The Integral bases are just fine, but this way I can repurpose them for other games.  I already have Reaper Nova troops begging to blast some zeds based up like this.  Rebasing was a doddle, as the material the figures are made from can easily be cut with snips.

By chance, my usual Cryx Bane Base/Kaiser craft mud puddle ocre/Tyrant Skull paint sceme actually ties into the supplied paper board nicely.  (Insert meme of baby fist pumping here- I am too tired now).

I chose to punch up the colors on the survivors so they stand out against a sea of zombies.  *cough* Sorry... walkers.  Conversely, the z....zwalkers...shit... walkers are to go the other way so they become a sea of muted greens, dark hues, dirt, poo and gore.  I sorely miss having inks to do this, so I will have to grab some before I get into Zed Action.  Nurgle green makes a perfect caucasian Zombie skin base.

As I still have a limited palette of paints, I wandered off the colours they used on their figures pretty quickly.  I don't watch the TV show and have only read one of the novels, so I don't have strong connections to any of the characters yet.  So I aimed at making my figs just stand out as individuals on the table.

The blood is Tamiya clear red.  Undisputed queen of gore.  I usually wash a black or chestnut Windsor and Newton ink over this for really deep wounds.

All in all, these figures are a joy to paint.  A nice scale, the material firm enough to accept brush work and conversions nicely.  I can see myself actually getting the whole lot, and probably a few packs of walkers (ha- didn't say the 'Z' word).

I also have a bit of Silver Tower started, so will be posting that soon.

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  1. Nice! Have you tried mixing anything with Tamiya red to vary the gore? I tried mixing semi-gloss black in a while ago as a small amount, and it clots up and congeals, which seemed like an appropriate effect.