Friday, March 3, 2017

Virtuous little hours

Life is hectic. Life is complex.  Sometimes you have to grab what little hobby relief you can, albeit a little hour here, a little hour there. When you live a nomadic life like mine, it gets really hard to progress.  So each step forward must be seen as a triumph.

All that feelingy-type-bollards basically segways into me showing you a picture of my Silver Tower model progress, and yeah, pretty proud of myself for getting something done.  These are my first Age of Smegma era figures, and as a 3D artist I am loving the clever design on how they join together.  Really nifty stuff.

What really sold me on this boxed set was the Familliars.  I adore fantasy familliars, something about little quirky Boschian bastards gets my hand in my purse quicker than a really quick thing.

I have a huuuuge collection of them- from Ral Partha, Darksword, Reaper, those excellent Rackham ones and of course Jes Goodwin's Citadel masterpeices.

Though I uhm-ed and arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrred my way through the options, I decided to go with using my regular grit topped bases even though they won't sit right on the board game.  I figure I will probably use them for Skulldred anyway, so consistency is good.  Besides, the box had 'em in there already, and less faffing and more painting is my goal lately.

The urge to convert them all has been suppressed for now, but I am convinced I have a second purchase of this box so I can do craaaaazy dark things with it.  It will make for a good Twitch and youTube broadcast, don't you think?  Well, as soon as I settle into a place I can tackle that.

Another thing I managed to get done a little while ago whilst I was working on a couple of sculpting comissions, was this lovely Adeptus Astartes.  Oh, like many marines, this one happens to be female. Because geneseedy, technical reasons such as, 'women where marines in first edition- trumping all UR fluff' and... 'because I fucking said so'.  :)

This was from one of the free sprues of marines given to me by a friend recently, and the head comes from a Reaper Bones Angel.  Which, is kinda fitting, if you think about it.  I call her Sister Lucretia.  She dances with ghosts.

Finally, I started basing up a new warband to replace my display set, which is forever locked away in Sydney along with all my other posessions, well, at this rate- I just cannot raise the money to ship it :(.

I would run another gofundme but right now just finding a home is hard enough and I feel guilty for needing the last two.  Three seems like taking the piss.  Life is bitterly hard- I do have a job now for the next few months at least- that helps.

Thanks for all the love and support so far.  I hope to give you all lots of content soon :)

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  1. I bought the Silver Tower on its month of release and I've still yet to even open it. I really should do something about that....

    Your female space marine turned out rather well; sometimes simple conversions are best. I've seen some truly terrible attempts online. Although I'm rather partial to the heels that Jes Goodwin added to his unreleased prototype, despite their complete unsuitability to a warzone (and likely to be very dangerous), they're still aesthetically pleasing in an absurdly gothic sort of way.

  2. I gave my Silver Tower models also swamp bases, to fit with my chaos army. And I converted the half of the enemies and familiars as they are all double, some hand swaps at the acolythes, tzaangor and blue horrors. One pink horror got some books and scrolls to represent the librarian. The one exception is the skaven deathrunner who has its only difference to his twin in the paintjob, one normally painted, the other only with nuln oil as a shadow (with glowing eyes and warpstone blade) to represent his ability. And I made an additional acolythe from an dark elf sorceress, she got a spare mask and removed high boots, the feet replaced with naked feet from grot scuttlings, some of them wade trough the swamp ;).