Friday, March 24, 2017

Walking Dead Scenery and Life Update

My Post Apocalypse roll continues with the addition of the Walking Dead Scenery pack.

Look, in a fucked up kind of way I feel like I have explain my purchase to you.  Are you comfortable being my ersatz financial guilt?  Good.

So...  I popped into the store for paints only, set on filling some critical gaps in my palette- but I just had to grab these now because they fly off the shelves.  They restocked today.  I timed it well.

 I can see why they sell fast.  It's a durable kit that is going to prove itself usefull for many a game.

It's a no-brainer (geddit?).  This is gonna be a fantastic addition to my table.  Once I get through this I am tempted to grab some Reaper Bones dumpsters and shipping containers.  It's all going to be glorious.

Here are some Wizkid's Deep Cuts minis on GW 32mm bases for scale.  Oh, and BTW- it's finally good to see a product that sits between prepaints and hobbyist minis.  These are like Bones plus- sharper details, firmer material, durable and light.  Plus they come primed in VMC.  Had they had modular head swaps they would have been an 8/10 for me- also losing a point for teeny thinness which is hard to read on the gaming table and a distinct lack of personality.

On my personal life front, I will be able to tackle my email and order backlog from being homeless again and throwing myself into work for some security.  Once again, thank-you for your patience with me during this period.  All orders will be met, all shipping refunds processed and I hope everyone loves the figures- I just haven't been in a secure place.  I have a few weeks at my cousin's whilst I am house sitting which will allow me to get my photo ID updated so I can get a flat.  I have purchased a travelling wifi hub so I can securely do your orders and banking.  So that's gonna happen in the next few days.  :)

Thanks everyone!

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  1. Cool set. To clarify; are the cars etc in the walking dead set "bones" ish type PVC? Looks great.