Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Nothing to see here

I forgot to photograph my progress tonight, but I wanted to blog to keep track.

I got two short sessions in today, before and after clocking on for work.  It was a pretty good effort- I managed to base up and undercoat all my Walkers, and in session 2 paint all their the bases.

Since I already had a factory line set up to get the bases painted up, I threw in some of the stragging Reaper Bones, Pulp and Silver Tower figures to speed things up.

I pushed the Nova Corp minis I got at PAX a little further, as I think they would be perfect for zombie blasting action.  I painted them using Doom I marine colors at the time with this in mind.  I am old school that way.

A nice discovery is that the Project Z female survivors seem to scale nicely against the Walking Dead figures.  I may have to grab a couple of the boxed sets of zeds they make at some stage.  I feel I am on a bit of a roll with Zombie Survivor games right now.

I feel a nice sense of completion looming.

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