Monday, August 6, 2012


Weeee! A big box arrived today full of confrontation minis- no, not those hideously expensive resin ones, preplastimakated dross or those 'authentic' ones from taiwan... Genuine, garlic smelling metal goodness from the deceased brilliance that was Rackham.
Whats in the box? Dwarf cannon chariots, goblin rat riders, a cyclops of mid nor, a black troll and various and sundry mid-nor and hybrid minis. Joy-joy.


Miiiiiine! See that dwarfs happy expression... Thats me, that is!

Bwa ha ha!

Bad news? They go to the bottom of my lead pile there to lurk until I finish all my half done projects. Thats cast iron will power for you. Cast IRON!
Actually its a pretty good trick- I literally put them on the bottom box of my lead pile and am usually too lazy to lift the top boxes (swollen with lead as they are) and paint something else instead. I actually have no will power whatsoever. A little smarts can use your laziness as an advantage. Heck, since I am sharing will power tips -I picked up a great tip to stop snacking off your plate at restaurants once your full- simply pick up the salt shaker and dump it over the food. Willpower is rubbish... Intellegence wins everytime.
You may have noticed the lack of Rackham minis coming through this blog, I have lots of them, but always put them into the 'enjoy later' category. This is a good thing, as not only does it give me the warm fuzzies thinking about that future project, but lets me improve my skills to really do them justice.
I personally think I have improved painting dramatically since I started this blog, though still nowhere good enough to go for Golden Demons or Crystal brushes. Knowing a couple of GD winners means I get to see what masters can do and... Yeah, definately not got the patience to get to that level.
I did recently experience one of those 'Dave has gone up a level' moments recently when painting something, I am sure you know the feeling. Considering thats my third such experience, I put myself as a fourth level demi-human painterer. Just a thousand xp till I can get my next feat 'paint eyes like Jen Haley'.
Oooh, its a sunny day..... Gotta go.... PRIMER TIME!!!!!!

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