Friday, August 17, 2012

DND 5beta reviews

So I was trawling youtube last night and reading dnd next beta reviews. I am pleased to hear most of the changes revert dnd to a more 0ed direction to most reviewers surprise. People who liked 4 ed are naturally bitching about this as a step back, and I wanted to wade in to the argument. Now, where do I have a good platform to reach hundreds of gamers... Hmm, shame I dont have one of those blog thingies... Uh... Oh, look I do!

What I hear about so far makes me feel like the name DND is being returned to the actual DND game. 4th ed is not the experience of DND really- but the hybrid child of DND skirmishes, and magic:tg trying desperately to be both world of warcraft and pokemon. As a game in itself, I am sure 4ed its great, and judging by folks comments its fun, but it is not DND. When I and a bunch of old players played 4ed we found it was very much a disjoint between the rulebook and the game we where trying to experience. It sent me scurrying to download a bunch of 0ed books.
Now it looks like DND may be returning as DND. 4e players can enjoy cheap discounted books at least.
From the sounds of it, it is similar to what I would have done, though vancian magic would be out for sure in favor of mana points.
I will wait to see if I still need to tackle a rpg system next!


  1. I look forward to seeing 'Skulldred: The RPG' hitting the shelves in a couple of years, then.

    Interesting that the latest DnD incarnation seems to be going back to its roots (to some extent). It's difficult to believe that this is despite the burgeoning 'OSR' and proves that some influential gaming companies are capable of engaging with their public.

  2. I think its a smart move, as it tackles pathfinder head on, and thats who has stolen their user base. Plus the osr popularity means the older players are happy to come back into the fold once dnd is dnd again.