Saturday, August 4, 2012

Ivan Nozski and Sureye Kroenail

Tickled some lead with the hairy wand this merry eve. A nice sunny day meant sprays where behaving themselves and I finished these two...

Early citadel C01 fighter 'Ivan Nozski and one of Aly Morrisons Hobgoblins C36 'sureye kronail'- both from around 1985.
Both have been sitting around my collection for ages, and its really nice to have them finally painted up, as they both where seriously tarnished and looking somewhat downtrodden. Plus, with work and illness all I have managed to do is some undercoating and rebasing. Hardly stuff to get fired up about hobby wise.
With these pjs I aimed for a crisp 'game ready' finish on both, lots of black lining and simple blocks of color. Dark violet and brown ink washes punched out the blacks.
These figs are some of my first finished on the new washer bases which I am thinking will be my regular basing style for fantasy, golthic horror, doctor who and pulp from here on in. I have been loving Fenris sci fi bases for my sci fi stuff.

I think the washer bases give these two a nice old school feel, dont you?
I even fished out my new fallen leaves for the first time.
All in all I am pleased by the result- it has me all juiced up to do more of the C01 fighters in blues and hobgoblins in orange to kit out a couple of skirmish warbands for Skulldred. Fortunately I have some right here....


  1. I had to read the first sentence twice before I understood what you meant by 'hairy wand'. I know you love your vintage lead, but surely not that much? I thought. A couple of beauts there anyway. Great minis and great brush/wandwork.

  2. Lovely stuff and the basing looks a treat.

    Nice skintone on the Hobgoblin - might have to do something similar with my little horde when I get round to it. I see you went a bit D&D with the blue nose.

  3. Lol, yes the blue nose is totally winking that-a-way :). After my save dnd rant I thought it fitting!

  4. The skin tone was a mix of coat darms orange and oriental flesh over a base of foundation tauscept ocre mixed with coat darms orange.

    Not too orange but more than my usual over exaggerated oriental skin I use on my ad&d oriental heroes.

  5. Love Ivan's shield, great job on both minis.