Friday, August 3, 2012

New figures undershaded

I have had to change the way I paint after the badab black replacement failed to live up to its predecessor in the undershading.
So instead of grey prime+black wash I have had to return to prime, black spray coat then grey and white overbrushing. Its actually quicker and neater this way, so I guess its for the best.
Here is a tray of tonights effort.

As you can see I have a really eclectic mix of figures coming down the pipe. Everything from Trish Morrison orc villagers, guild of harmony, ral partha dungeon beasties and Bob Olley Iron Claw dwarf minis.
The technique I use is to glaze over the pre shaded model, letting the black and white shine through. This does not work on skin, as the flesh would have blood shine through in the shadows so I use a flat foundation tallarn flesh base and glaze warmer shadow colors to shade down.
But for most things, such as leather,cloth, hair and fur it gets you done pretty damned quick. I use a little matt medium to make the paint translucent.


  1. Hi Dave.

    This is are really cool process for painting up lots of minis relatively fast. Do you have a writeup on your blog with the steps you do with this glazing technique?


  2. Thanks, I will have to do that. Issue 2 of 'eavy dave coming up :)