Sunday, March 10, 2013

Undead Assault: Can you solve the mystery of the sword?

Okay, so I noticed this....

The sword has been added.  Only problem is... where is it from?  Its small, more like a dagger.  Is is a treasure item?  Which range is it from?

Comments below, and bonus points if you have one!

The Dude Abides!


The winner is Alan Puzio- who spotted the sword on a ral Partha Goblin Drummer!  Seriously, how good is this guys identify skills!

Alan, I am sending you something!

Man, I looooove this project!  The more I examine and talk about the diorama, the more interesting things come to light!

Now... Ral partha goblins... I had some here somewhere....


  1. That is some serious arcane knowledge right there...

  2. Maaaan, you really are monsters you know? I will definitely never play a game of "where is charlie" with you guys !
    Thought this would take a month to guess at least!
    Dave, do you have a big paperboard at home with the list of minis involved and a big green "check" mark next to every mini you got? Searching through obscure catalogues and completing the list such a joy !

    A "check mark method" example :

    With people able to recognise a single dagger like Alan, I guess the hunt for "check marks" will be a piece of cake !

  3. If you can't find yours I have one of those drummers lurking in my sale/trade pile and you are welcome to it.

  4. You know, I am thinking of taking a picture of part of a mini and have people identify it. I cannot beleive how quickly he got that!

    I am planning to do a checklist- I have a scan of several photos and have been crossing off figures as I go. I have this horrible nagging idea that it would be GREAT to not only have the zombies painted to match, but have them based in the same cluster they appear on the diorama. Uhg. That would be a looot more work, but wouldnt it be GREAT.

    By GREAT, of course, I mean I NEED TO GET A LIFE

    @ John - Thanks that could save a dip into the lead pile... flick me an email and we can see if I have anything you need in mine!

  5. I've sent you an email re the orc, he's waiting all excited about a trip to Oz