Thursday, March 28, 2013

Good bye Megaminis, Hello skeletal legions

Yep, they are closing up shop and selling off the moulds.  Sad, but understandable.  The income you get from minis does nor justify the time put in moment.  At least we have kickstarter now to protect us from risky mould cost decisions and handle preorders- so its not a bad time entirely to be in the biz.
Do your hobby a favor.  Dont buy that next overpriced (but gorgous) GW box you where looking at getting... take that money, even if its just this month- go find some obscure little mini business and spend it there (horrible postage prices be damned- after all your getting screwed by the man either way).  Lets stop some more doors closing!
My money is aimed at Hasslefree- thems some fine assed barbarians Kev is making.
I am crestfallen it comes at a time where (thanks to the wonders of IVF financing) I wont be able to risk the moolah to pick up the Metal Magic dwarf rights for Darkling games.
I console myself that I got me a nice big order of megaminis recently, and I am sure some great companies will carry the torch.
On the hobby front I have only had time to restore, prime and base a box of Julie Guthrie Ral Partha undead that was dangerously close to decay on its arrival.  From the depth of grey spotting, I think I rescued them in the nick of time.  A good clean with a wire brush and a prime and I think they'll live.  Er.. unlive.
Its a great box set- mine was complete with instructions and dnd stats.  A couple of the figures appear in Undead Assault, most notably the double handed swordsman appears twice- he is knocking at the castle door.  Back then GW distributed RP, so John Blanche included many in the diorama- including the Yellow Wraith shooting the door.


  1. Well I'm sad to see that Megaminis has closed their doors. John was really nice guy to deal with, and his Julie Guthrie "Personalities" minis were an incredible deal. I ordered quite a few from him, and I often show them to others at the game table to see how nice these "old school" minis look even today.

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  3. You shouldn't have mentioned that three letter word, Dave. Hope you have a neato spam filter at the ready!

    I too am saddened by the departure of Mega. Johnny have been great to deal with! I've placed one large order to cover the gaps in my Metal Magic collection and have one other ready to go as soon as the first one gets here. I do them in increments to foil the customs.

    Best of luck with the family project mate!

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