Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Ebay sale warning

My swap tub is officially too full now to put any more stuff in, thanks to my recent market haul, so I am facing the terror of ebaying it all*.  What a time suck.  Uhg.

*except the space quest goblins that no one ever manages to sell on ebay.  Those things are like lead pile tartar buildup.

Anyway I decided to check out turbolister to see if it absorbs some of the time suck horror, and to make this announcement that I will be selling off a bucket load of stuff in the coming fortnight, so I feel compelled to do it by external forces.  Now I said it, there is no backsies... I have to do it.

Watch this space for link to the sale.


  1. Any Wood Elves in that booty haul old bean?

  2. I feel you. I need to do this too, and I know that the "terror" as you say is completely founded in reality. I've done a number of pushes over the years and they are all successful and feel great afterward, but man, tons of work every step of the way, turbolister or not. I am three years overdo for another ebay push myself and it's just about at the tip top of the priority list atm.