Friday, March 8, 2013

Flea market score

I found this little lot in a flea market today.  Anyone want an unopened rogue trader medics pack or a 2002 white dwarf?
The haul includes a snotling pump wagon (no roof version unfortunately), a pile of Kev Adams gothic horror figures, tarzan, aleister crowley and a pack of grenadier undead skelly dogs.
Anyway, posted a picture for you to have a little look through and enjoy.


  1. Oo. The kind of haul you dream of just happening across.

  2. What flea market delivered this pile of gold?

  3. NIce catch Dave, exactly the kind of lot we LOOOOOOOVE to get our hands on...

  4. Yeah, I actually have this reoccuring dream I am wandering through a market thats nothing but miniatures.
    Dont worry about which market it was... I have been going to it for decades and this is the first time someone had miniatures, (except for once when I picked up five beaten up Ral Partha models just because I felt sorry for them, more than wanting them.) Besides MY FIND! MIIIINE.
    Okay, it was Rozelle Market in Sydney.
    Australia does not have this kind of thing as very little mini stuff was exported in those days. I dream of going to car boot sales in the UK and picking up boxes full of minis.

  5. What a fine batch o' junk. I fully agree with the envy with which I watch UK lead heads' car boot sale or charity shop finds. The best thing I can hope for here in Sweden is a copy of Hero Quest in Swedish or possibly the old doozy Siege of the Citadel (which was a Swedish title). I've never made any miniature related hauls like yours, but once found a very nice collection of Swedish RPG games for a mere £1.50. Sold it on for £150 =)

    My recurring dream is related to the old WD survey prize "one of everything". Remember those stacks of big box games? Makes me froth just thinking about it.

  6. Oooh! Nice one mate!

    It pays to take a good look around!

  7. I see some RT adventurers in there, what a cracking find

  8. Wow, what a nice find =)

    My green eyed monster is gurgling.

    best regards from a fellow blogger