Sunday, February 3, 2013

Undead assault pt2

Just a quick post whilst I am on my way to work...a quick and dirty smartphone snap showing the dwarf warband so far.

The double handed weapon adventurer is not in the best condition as his sword is mostly missing and he was very tarnished so I still need of a replacement.

Behind the sally port door you can just make out the dwarf thief that is pictured on the watch tower in a tasteful floral green number.

Sneaking in on the right is the Tom Meier Wraith that was zapping the door.  The figure is dated 1976- which if I check my own base... yep... its as old as me.  Its one of the first dynamically posed models as far as I can tell, and a masterclass in drapery.  This puts it firmly in the most influential minis of all time in my opinion.
  It, like a handful of the undead minis pictured are Ral Partha imports.  Citadel handled the license in Europe at the time.  You can still buy these from the pleasantly perky folk at iron wind metals.

Which reminds me... must find a broken Jabberwocky too.  I already have one done up in the same colors (previously blogged) but a submerged undead munchy one would be brilliant.

I am thinking I should make some 40mm multibases of undead, and make sure my bridge and arch can take that width.

Thanks all for the support so far!


  1. OK, I have just got out of loft (still got LED lamp on head), all I could find after first forray was Sargeant Dimgol,Master of the Guard you can see here
    Do you need him? it painted so needs stripping but it does not look like enamels like 'Robin Hood' so much better results. If you do want him I will arrange transit via the microfilm 'method' ;-)

    1. Oh crap, just noticed this reply- absolutely yes! Thanks!

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    3. Hi,
      I just restarted to paint after an hiatus of 10 years. I live in London and my colection is in Spain. What´s the microfilm method? I´m asking because I have many of the miniatures you need... But of course first I need to go to Spain and digg the needed ones...