Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hoff to a good start...

A quick pic of my hoffbeat painty rest break... I feel better after messing around with these.  Its got my juices if not flowing, but defrosted enough to peel off the cling film and stick it back into the mental microwave.
The spaced out druid is fun, but I really should have done a bit of a proper fill and file as he is from the era of rough surfaces and crappy fingers.  Not sure what to do with his lantern yet.  I may do source lighting, but he is already pretty light.  Hmmm.
WF Spaced Out Druid, Asgard Adventuress, GW Chaos Cultist, Confrontation Hybrid
The Asgard adventuress was the first in a whole slew of bare bristol warriors with crossed straps.  Citadel did a bunch almost identical several years layer which appeared in fighters and chaos fighters and I think Ral Partha did one too but I will check on that... I will do a side by side shot once the others are painted up.  Needs a lot of work on the eyes still, and I suspect she should be a brunette... (opinions below)  She had bug eyes, which is always hard to paint... and is generally poorly sculpted except for the obvious bang on bits.  Anyone know who sculpted her?  Still, nice to finally have her transition from ugly grey lump to ugly colorful one.  More polishing required before varnishing.
Third up is one of the snap together chaos cultists from dark vengence. 
How exactly does dark vengence differ from regular kind?
I decided to go way out there with style, painting them to be gleering out of the darkness with source lighting.  For colors I am keeping tightly with orange vs midnight blue, and keeping them muted.  The base is a Renedra 25mm plastic base.  Yeah, yeah but it will work better in tightly packed necromunda hives.
Finally is the lovely confrontation hybrid beastie from Rackham.  One of my Skulldred playtesters is using the system to resurrect the Arkalesh game world... and I love that idea.  I have enough rackham to make large dirz, goblin and undead warbands, as well as a good fist full of smaller bands.
Painting this guy is F.U.N.  plus I realised if I kept the basing simple grey flag stone, this versatile bastard is ideal for Inquisuitor, weird world war, nurgle, warmahordes cryx, modern horror and cyberpunk genre games.
Thus I went with a green metal armor and offset this with purplish hues for the flesh.
Oh you can see some bob olley dwarfs from mega minis just behind on my painting rack.  These will be appearing in Skulldred if all goes to plan.  I painted one with a white undercoat and cried 'sod this 'after a couple of hours and sprayed the rest black.  I just have to face it... I am a black undercoater.


  1. Lovely mix of mini's right there, I love the facial expression on the norks out Asgard adventuress...
    "I've forgotten my top again haven't I... bugger"

  2. You really nailed the druid's robe. I, like many painters in our hobby, suck at painting anything white. The folds and creases in the robe are very convincing, and even the off-white you picked gives the impression of well used clothing. Great job.

    I've been painting mostly 15 mm WWII stuff for my blog Spotting Round, but seeing stuff like yours makes me want to get back to the 28s...

  3. I am loving the cultist, a great colour palette really menacing

  4. 1), love the tone of the robe, for the lantern, they can sometimes stay unlit
    2) she definitely is a brunete
    3) The army-green colour for the armour on the Dirz Aberation is perfect (have to steal this too...)
    4) apart from high elves fans, we're all black undercoaters...