Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Text message of C'Thulhu

I grabber this Eldrich Horror mini from Reaper many moons ago, and it was about time I painted her up.  However the face was a little dull for my tastes, the eyes on the side of the head don't scream predator, so I resculpted the face.

I did this in two layers. The first was greenstuff, the second my fave blend of 50:50 procreate and aves apoxie sculpt.  The latter is very firm and lends itself to building up masses very well.

Still lots to do on her.  I keep finding seams, do will have to give her a once over with a rat tail diamond file  after she has dried well.



  1. She's looking great so far, nice job on the re-sculpt. I dig the wee whorls you put on the forehead.

  2. Nice big hunk of nasty there. Indeed, you've done a great job detailing, blending, and maybe just plain remaking it. Well done indeed! I look forward to seeing her in paint.