Thursday, November 23, 2017

Elizabeth Summers and her Posse

Lil' Ole me dun made hersself a little bit of progress this very night.  On none 'tother but my Dead Man's Hand posse.  Yours truely was floundering about for themes, when I struck upon the mighty fine idea of making them akin ta alternative universe versions of characters I love.  That's some darn tootin grade a problem solvin' y'asks me.

So folk, we have what will as be 'Lizabeth Summers, Hope Lehane of The Boston Lehanes, Zoe Leafwind, Deputy Hawt and her Partner Waverly Earp (some folk talk have it they are sly for each 'oer), oh... and golly of it taint Ma Summers and her trader friend Drummer Gee with a pair o' shotguns. A thankee.

I dun halfway through this fine bunch o ladies.  Skin is last because I found a bunch of seams that need a fixin' for I can go on.

Gonna mosey off to my bed.  Nite folks.

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