Thursday, December 8, 2016

We're Baaa-aaack

Today I am launching the Spelltoads of Skulldred boxed set from Darkling Games. I am now taking orders via email/paypal until my webstore is up and running again.

The set contains 9 character spelltoads:

Armoured toad.   Wizard.   Rogue/theif.
Vampire.      Tim.      Spy/witchhunter.
Futureballer.  Star pirate.  Zombie.

The set also contains 2 each of the nekkid Pete, Delmar and Everett toads, as well as six tiny Garp toads- ideal for decorating bases, using as familliars and for 15mm HOTT toad spells.

The whole set is cast in classic lead based pewter for that delightful old school heft, by master caster Nic Robson.  Sculpted by Delaney King.

Models supplied unpainted without bases. Shipped in padded bag.

To order yours, send me an email at...

Delaneykingrox&@frogsgmail.frogcom (but delete the words 'frog' from here- toads are not frogs after all).

Price is a bargain at only AUD $60 for the entire set plus postage and packaging (PayPal only).  That's all 15 Spelltoads and 6 toads.

At this time I cannot sell individual minis- this is a one mould spin per set deal (I don't have warehouse space at the moment)

!!!Warning: metal miniatures are not toys and are not suitable for children. Harmful if chewed or swallowed. !!!

Website up soon!


  1. Its finally happening! I'm so pumped for these. My email is inbound!

  2. Oooh, so tempting!

    "Can't you see it, Everett? Them sirens did this to Pete. They loved him up and turned him into a... horny toad!"