Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Thank you and excitementage

Thank you to all you who have generously donated and/or signed up for my Patreon!
Obviously I still need to get a camera set up before I can begin video tutes, but the first of the reward 'Eavy Mental tutorial PDFs are on the laptop and the brand new floorplans are slated for January for my playtester tier rewards.

Twitter has been going off!  It has been a fantastic way to connect to more oldhammer fans.  I have the honor of a few follows from Citadel designers, comic book authors, artists and game designers I love.  Fun times.  Follow me on @delaneykingrox - but beware it can get pretty darn rude, with lots of feminism, lesbianism and Buffy stuff. What?  I have diverse interests.

Everything in this cafe tastes like chicken grease.  Even the drink water.  Just thought I would let you know this.

So another AWESOME thing is I have been invited to be part of the Heroquest Blog Challenge. I have been assigned one of the Orcs, and judging by the standard of entry so far- this girl is gonna have to up her game.  Conversions are discouraged, but it's ME.  I may have to go cold turkey.  Wish me luck.  Post will appear right here folks!

Thanks for all the leadLove and PsychostyreneSupport!  Love ya guts.


  1. Good news all around and so glad to have you with us on this one !

  2. I'm delighted it's going so well for you Delaney. Nice to have you on-board the Heroquest challenge too!