Monday, February 2, 2015

Wip fight

I squeezed the dying weekend and a little more hobby juice came dribbling out.  This was spent on basing and underpainting the Eureka Brughel demons and recently arrived Skaven packmaster and rats that I got to spray earlier.

Intrepid of heart, yet noisome on the nostril, my WIP merc's battle a WIP Skaven swarm for Lanie's attention.  Who will be finished next?

Militia/Mercenaries, Merc Ogre, Terror of the Lichemaster halfling, Skaven and giant rats (All citadel minis.)

Yes, my Packmaster has pinky red fur.  Skaven's first colour advert in my first ever issue of White Dwarf had several pinky red Skaven.  Thusly I just had to.  You cannot judge me.  I AM THE LAW.

Simkin (Citadel Mercenaries) appears in the backdrop with his colours blocked in but no flesh work.  Naturally he will be exactly the colours he appeared in WD too.  Seriously, I am glazing layers of orange to get the exact tone as printed.  

I need a life.



  1. Thanks to you, I've started basing like a bastard!

    Your right, if you don't start somewhere you'll never get them done.

    I've cleaned up & based all my RT orks & about half of my space marine/mercs......ready for primer.

    They will get done, eventually :)

  2. Love your painting style :) have you got any tutorials available?

    I'm going to try and see if I can still paint, instead of sculpting all the time.

    1. Heh, I was just thinking the reverse! So much to sculpt, so little time lords.

    2. I should do a painting turorial.

      Shoulds are the bane of my life.