Sunday, February 1, 2015

Getting my ass to mars

A brief break in the weather game me the chance I needed to spray stuff.  I then attacked my Blanchitsu playset with big brush work.  All it needs now is a few hours of detail work, picking out and shading individual parts.  Tedious work.

To get this far required a spray prime of black, then chestnut brown.

First layer of rust was thinned bestial brown thinned slightly.  This was highlighted with Macharius orange.

Steel was stippled here and there.

Vmc pale green grey formed the basis of the paint layer.  This was stippled with peppermint.

Black craft paint was then brushed on for oil, fire damage and deep shadows.

The martian surface was brushed with red oxide artist acrylic paint.  Deep crimson and hookers green artist acrylic added the sump oil and blood like stains.

Lots to do, but a pretty effective first pass.