Saturday, March 22, 2014

Wargame table time!

Well I am excited.  Are you excited?
Today I picked up a three by four foot lightweight mdf board and 18mm battens to make me the first panel of my full size wargame board!

I managed to assemble the frame pretty quickly.  In hindsight 18mm may be too thin to prevent warping entirely, but it will do for now.  Any larger and I wouldn't be able to stack it against the wall neatly behind the bookshelf. I may have to add a few more cross braces.

I am thinking I will paint the underside white to make it seem airy and light.  Or bkack and white to look like a japanese screen.

I intend to paint it deep sickly green then gloss the crapola out of it.  Gloss modpodge and ink will then be used to texture ripples in the top.

This new board is the basis for my  Skulldred photography board- and will also be used for demos at events like Cancon/PAX/MOAB.

Once this is done I will fashion some islands in various sizes which can each have different looks- muddy trench, city, flocked field, necromunda hive, leafy forrest... whatever I feel like.  The gaps between the islands form rivers.  Infinitely configurable water/toxic sludge features!

Undead assault here I come!