Monday, February 17, 2014

Warhammer visions: my huge in depth review!



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    1. Let's look at it from the persepective of White Dwarf, but without pages of ads, Jeremy Vetock et al crapping on about pointless stuff, finecast propaganda repeated over and over (could not have been done in metal, detail, blah, blah etc, etc), pointless battle reports, filler text and yet more ads. A pocket sized White Dwarf with just lots of mini photos? Sounds great doesn't it?

      Sadly, no. What you get is a thirty percent price hike and just lots of different angles of the same minis. Not very inspiring stuff. The format is good... but the substance is missing.

      But it raises one big question... Why can't we have a 200+ page full color rulebooks and codices in this size for this price? Warhammer in my pocket?

  2. Well we could have these cheaper rule books but then Alan Merrett? And co would not earn 350,000 pounds annually, heheheheh. And the lawyers would also miss out on the fat pay cheaques as no one would have a need to pirate the stuff. ah the whiff of a cynic!