Thursday, October 10, 2013

Undead Assault terrain board began

A bloody hot day today, so I seized the opportunity of fast drying time to start on my Undead Assault skirmish board.  After all, too hot for mini sculpting- the setting times where stupid.  Grr.

All I did was the baseboard, which is completely slimey greenish water with resin gloss varnish.  The idea is all my terrain peices are island modules which sit ontop of the water, allowing me umpteen configurations when combined with bridges.  The islands have rubber non slip tabs and are mainly foam with a little mdf to give them weight and stability.
For undead assault I need a castle island module, a bridge module and one large island.  For surface components I need the rune archway, the hill the undead stand on, a second to form the valley the undead pour through and several stands of giant mushrooms.  I may also do several corpse stands.
For the castle I plan to add a channel and plastic groove that holds the doorway so the skulldoor can be slid out sideways to reveal an open version or swapped out altogether.  The ballista on the roof will be seperate and snap in with magnets.

Once thats all done, I will be able to expand the modules to increase my options.  The first thing I want is a toxic dump style necromunda/fallout station set.


No point in pictures yet... its just a green glossy board at the moment!

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  1. Have you identified the background picture or do you have other plans for a backdrop? i love this diorama especially the undead.