Saturday, October 19, 2013

Big box of stuff for you... yes, you!

You know buddy, sifting through my unpainted collection for doubles,  weighing, photographing and identifying them is an asshat way to spend a weekend.  I hope you appreciate just how much effort I go to in order to give you the chance to own them yourself.
Yes, its ebay time here in the house of flying lead.  That time when you allow yourself a moment to ask- do I really need two motley maniacs?

Of course I do... I could paint them differently and base them for different games... or convert one into a 40k jester or...  and this is the big one... or I could eat this week.

Hold on... I am still thinking it though...

So it turns out I have accumulated a big box of doubles, and yes it is time to let them go. Mainly for space, but also saving for IVF during a miserable time in the Australian game and film industry.  Seriously WTF?  One fx film coming in?  Just one?

I was quite surprised just how many doubles I have- as I made the mistake of not keeping a check list and immediately setting doubles aside.  If you are serious about collecting you would be best to start one of these off.   Downloading catalog pages from solegends and crossing them off is a good technique.  This will also stop you double buying figures sitting in your strip jar- my biggest mistake.

Along with my doubles will be a huge load of Reaper minis I got from the Tin Soldier closing down.  Lots of goodies there, especially if your after giant spiders, Egyptian figures, battle toads and orcs of kargir... which I have buckets of.

Among the citadel list:

Nurgle champion with scythe
Chaos sorcerer with skull face and wand
80's chaos warriors.  Yep.
Aardvark berserker
The fiend
FF wraith on horse
Iron Claw goblins
Rogue trader nib medics pack
Talisman centaur, witch, priest
Night horror big boo ghost
Gothic horror noel, noel
Perry first slotta orcs
Brothers grim champion orc
Orc shaman
Dark elf sorcerer first slotta release
Dwarf adventerer samurai (not rerelease)
Motley maniac jester of chaos
FF fishman
pre slotta martial artists
More stuff and nonsense

I plan on trying turbolister to get the first batch up soon- energy permitting.

Wish me luck.


  1. Dave, whats your ebay link mate?

  2. long time lurker. first time poster. I too would like the ebay link. thanks dave!

  3. Me to! I'm potentially after any chaos bits :)

  4. Yes! Let us know! We have money for you, TAKE IT TAKE IT.

  5. ooh! shinies! all the best to getting good sales =)

  6. And here we go.... first listings up!