Saturday, September 14, 2013

House paint

I have been meaning to try this for a while,  but today it finally happened.
I was running out of VMC german dark green- the basecoat for my bases- so I used the last of it making a color swatch.

Within the hour I had a huge tester tin of low sheet acrylic paint custom color matched to my swatch from the hardware shop.  Price:  ten bucks.

All that remained was to decant a few spoonfuls into a little squeezer bottle and add some flow aid and demineralized water to get the consistency right and off I merrily went.

The first samples where pretty much bang on color wise.  Jobs a goodun for the next... oooh five years or so.

The paint is very good coverage and low sheen.  Thins fine and mixes fine.

Ten bucks baby.  Ten bucks.

Next trip I will get my lime green highlight color ready for my undead assault board.

Speaking of which,  more skeletons have been arriving for my ultimate ode to oldhammer - and I finally got my hands on the dwarf ballista and mimbrin, the final dwarf in the set.  I need some bases cut for my undead hordes, then it's back on that project.

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