Tuesday, September 10, 2013


I found this on  fleabay going cheap and grabbed it for my brother in law who is a hopeless, sad little fanboy.  Felix got away.

The paint job was ok, so rather than strip him I just worked over the top.  As with the ral partha sorceress, I dusted and cleaned the model first, used washes to darken and fill the gaps in the joins, reestablished flat colors using vmc and foundation paints, then worked up the shading.  Finally black ink with flow aid was used for lining.
The blood is good old tamiya red clear acrylic.
The base was filled with spak and magnetic sheet glued to the bottom.  This makes a nice solid feeling base.


And before...

He just needs some varnish and its off to gather dust on a shelf!

Ed.  You fanboi you.


  1. Looking sexy, never would dare paint over but that seems to work for you brilliantly.
    Now we have "wedding for all" in France, would you consider marying my (unwilling) bearded brother to be my new best brother in law?

    Yeah ok I know, pathetic...

  2. Lol. He should be so lucky... but I am already taken ;)

    1. You're Faithfull and I respect that, the brother on another hand won't even make a move on you, you call that a brother? How selfish...

    2. Tell him Ed pimped his sister to me to get his minis painted. Perfectly normal behavior.

  3. Lol. He should be so lucky... but I am already taken ;)

  4. Somewhere out there sits a pimply faced teenager, broken & humiliated that you have publicly shamed his painting ability.

    Shame on you Dave, shame, shame, shame.

    Sarcasm aplenty.

  5. Lol. He should be more ashamed of labelling Gotrek as 'a dwarf' and felix as 'a ranger' on ebay. I got a good deal.
    Ahh days like these make hours of eBay hunting worth it.