Thursday, August 29, 2013

Wear Purple Day

Today is Wear Purple day in Australia- to show gender variant and intersex youth we care.
And we should... among the transgender community alone youth suicide rates are around 45% according to some accounts- with many cases unreported.  This is a direct result of how society treats these kids.  People should not have to suffer for how they where born.

The wargaming community should be much more aware.  Its quite common to use the term transexual as a slur on a poorly sculpted female figure for example- and I already mentioned GWs sins in this department regarding Slaanesh.

Take a moment to visit wikipedia and look up transgender and intersex if you have never heard of these conditions or you still think they are mental disorders.  Then perhaps show your support next year with yer paint brush like I have here.

Its a silly little gesture,  but the more people know, the better this world will become.



  1. Dave you are a champion.

    I hope you are looking after yourself mate.

    Ka kite ano.

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  3. Good man!

    Wear Purple Day (Spirit Day) is October 17 here in the US this year, and the Transgender Day of Remembrance is November 20.

    I've attended vigils for murdered transgender people. Heartbreaking.

    Jeff (deleted and republished because of stupid typos)

  4. Good on you! Those figures came out stunning, especially the space lady and the wicked-looking scroll-reader on the left.

    @Jeff: thanks for the info, friend. I didn't even know we had a Wear Purple Day in the US. I might just have to follow suite with Mr. King here...

  5. Figures look great as always and I just want to say that I fully support your "silly little gesture."

  6. Aw... nice post, Dave. Nice Baron too.

  7. Thanks all... I put up a paint it purple thread on lead adventure and got a tonne of purple paintjobs posted. Very nice!

    Transgender people generally have one of the two hormones required to signal gender inhibited or missing during the second trimester- one for brain, the other for gonads (estrogen and dihydrotestosterone respectively). This results in a physical brain and body mismatch, which is very traumatic. (Daves human biology major being shown off here).
    We can help ease that by spreading understanding throughout the community about this condition.
    Next year I may run a paint it purple thread ahead of the day and maybe donate a mini or two to a purple comp.
    Purple paint dwerg perhaps?

  8. As a huge fan of the color purple and with a vested interest in the general theme of the topic here, thanks for both the cool paint jobs AND sharing the awareness of trans themes.

  9. cheers for this spreading awareness of such things is important, also whoop! my favourite mystery imp familiar is one you've chosen =)

    lovely paintjobs as always =)

  10. again, it's great that you spread the word and equally great to see awareness among the community in the comments box. thanks all :)

    oh yes, the mnis look great too!