Thursday, August 29, 2013

Ahh strip bucket Christmas and Wear Purple Day

I got in an hour of miniature stripping to take my mind of how darn crappy things have been of late.  A bit of mindless scrubbidy dubbin with a tooth brush seemed restful.

Its always like Christmas whenever the strip jar comes out.  I usually forget what I have in mine,  so invariably there is a pleasant surprise or two lurking in the dettolly mire.
For my hour of effort I had most of my c11 giants appear, paranoia troubleshooters, c100 marines, ten original edition skaven ratmen, a dracolich and a couple of rare chaos Champions I never knew I had.  Bonus!

This also cleared enough space to finally get the last remaining members of my Undead Assault project in to soak.  I am sure you all cannot wait to see that one taking shape!

I got a big hobby session in tonight and feel much better.
All my chaos familliars had been rebased on 1 inch rounds but have been laying around incomplete.  So I got those bases painted up, which gave me a nice feeling of completion.  I have had these figs since I started this blog and they where a constant niggle in the back of my collection.
Oh, and I got all my washer mounted dwarf and chaos dwarf warbands rebased onto 30mm rounds, as well as rebasing my old Ral Partha large monsters.   I feel like some progress has been made.  Yay me.

I also kicked off a small mini project by painting up a bunch of figures to celebrate 'wear purple day' tomorrow (in support of gender variant, transgender and intersex youth).  My wife, who helps communicate such things in a big company, told me about it tonight and I love the idea.  But, as I dont have any purple clothes to wear to work (or at all), I decided to dress my lead instead.

So tonight was all about da purps.  I slapped rich, opulent purples on a host of minis.

I avoided Slaanesh figs though... after all, it wouldnt be fitting for tomorrow as GW demonise hermaphrodites in that range (as if the sexism wasnt enough- female marines now!).  Not to mention use purple as the main colors of daemonettes these days- not very PC when you consider it really.   Still- I am a huge Slaanesh fan- and currently have about three boxes of Slaanesh goodies awaiting assembly - but thats for another time. 

Tomorrow is about letting kids know its okay to be born outside the binary... not pink or blue but a shade of purple!

Pics once I finish up.  I forgot just how striking purple can be- and vow to do a few purple warbands soon.  Hmmm... purple orcs?

Heres a random pic... you know... coz its not a post without a pic.


  1. Dave, that wall of models is just insanely appealing. I'm about to swim the seven seas from France to Australia.
    Kaleb Daark and the chaos amazon next to one another... hope they breed, how cool could the child be seriously?

    Glad to see the mojo 's coming back !


  2. "Beyond the Wall of Miniatures," more like.

  3. Drool.... There's only 24hrs travel between me and that cabinet!

  4. That is just breathtaking. I wish I could boast such a beautiful collection!

  5. utmost respect for participating in the purple thingy! see you at the end of August this year :)