Sunday, June 26, 2011

Airbrush fun

Tried out an old airbrush I had laying around to see if it was actually useful for mini painting before I invested in a pump and a decent airbrush.

Turns out, quite handy I think.  I base coated the flesh tones for a citadel giant, twenty barbarians and thrud in no time.  If just for that, it would be worthwhile.  If I was rocking a space marine army, or war gaming in general- it would be a must have.

So what are your thoughts and experiences on airbrushes?  Worth getting?  More fuss than worthwhile?


  1. I meanwhile consider an airbrush to be another essential asset in the miniature painters equipment pool. It saves time on large units as well as giving you the possibilty to churn out smooth color transition on larger areas like cloaks. The only reason some painters shun the use of it is the practise it takes and the fact that you still have to use the hairy stick for the fiddly bits and edge highlights.

  2. I'd wholeheartedly agree with what KoLM said- an airbrush becomes nearly indispensable when you're talking army painting. For your technique, though, it might have limited application- it seems like you are kinda a figure-to-figure guy, rather than painting up a full army (or even a full-sized squad) at a time.

  3. True, true- but I do have armies worth of figures!