Friday, March 11, 2011

Bederken Dungeon floorplans get an airing

As you probably know I recently released some 30mm square dungeon floorplans in .pdf format through my Bederken blog.  Well, I got my first prints all back and mounted up and I thought I would take some quick snaps to show it in action.  As you can see, going up from 1 inch standard to 30mm makes it much easier to play without minis bumping up against each other- plus you have the freedom to use modern lipped bases.

So the first fools to brave The Dungeon of Dave are some classic citadel paladins who probably have not had a decent dungeon bash since Dungeons & Dragons came out.

Preslotta Citadel Paladins and C11 halfling attack Kev Adams Zombies and Reaper Wizard

Classic early 1980's Citadel creepy crawlies and Red Orcs attack!
Grenadier halfman takes aim in background.  Molemen by Reaper.  Ooze by me.

Thirty year old minis get some playing with!
Some classic Red orcs have been converted here- headswaps and
scratch built weaponry.

Another angle.  Note the green ooze sneaking up on a red goblin in the background.
It was made with a hot glue gun and a plastic base.

 As you can see, my red orc tribe has expanded since I last posted.  These guys are about 50% done.  I swapped out a couple of heads and weapons to give more variety, keeping at least one of each variety in archive state.

The creepy crawlies are a personal favourite of mine, I have been collecting these for a while now.  When you get them they just look like a little lug of brown metal, but with a little TLC they transform into some classic vintage gaming niceness.

Well that's me for tonight... enjoy dungeon bashing!


  1. Those tiles look great. There's a lot of very nice detail that catches the eye. Nice job.

  2. Old school miniatures.. you just can't beat the character of them. I tend to find myself buying more and more late 80/early 90's piece on eBay all the time.

    It's great having a highly detailed model, but when it lacks a certain caricature, I lose interest. Been working on themed dungeons myself for Warhammer Quest, long road project.

    Great to see these, looked like a fun session in dungeon diving.

    - Tael.

  3. cheers. Cant wait to get some treasure doors and get the game group in!

  4. Have a browse of Hirst Arts Forums (scenery mold makers), there are several customer 3D dungeon build projects going on. Once I saw these, there was no going back haha :)

    - Tael.