Saturday, February 12, 2011

Tin Soldier Closing down

Sydney CBD's one and only non GW miniature shop is closing down for renovations.  I can now choose to buy figures from the expensive GW stockist, the slighting less expensive stockist or GW itself....  hmmm, looks like online shopping from here on in.

Been a wonderful arrivals week.  Kill Team Charlie's ranks have now swollen to well beyond a skirmish team for a start- its now threatening to be a decent army. There are so many I have to buy a stick to wave at them.If you have not seen it- Stedder's posted a great Delirious inspired C100 army in beige-white recently!

C100 forever!

Nothing much on the painting front- the weather has been drizzly and stormy, so spray painting was out of the question- the only painting I got done was most way through two Reaper Bugbears.
 I did manage to assemble my Brother in Laws Legion of the Damned - which includes a nice retro legion figure- I will post it up once I get that one painted.  :)

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