Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What Mabden wants... Mabden gets.

Remember picking up white dwarf magazine and flicking through it until you hit that mottled green bit- 'coz thats the bit with the cool pictures of miniatures?

Mabdens comment inspired me to make the effort and go full eighties metal.

Much better on the eye, methinks.

Rather than rip art off, which I find deplorable, I took a few minutes to paint a homage to John Blanches Chaos Warrior that has a thing against H's, this time without the helmet, and look, turns out it was ME all along!

Bwa ha ha- die H's.  I mean, bwa a a.



  1. Aha, my comment, my idea, I must to charge my commission at your bank acount ;)

    I love this retro style, I think you have achieved to recreate the atmosphere of these 80's days. And with your own style.


  2. Thanks Mabden. I checked out your history of Brian Ansel today by the way (using babelfish- my spanish sucks). Very cool. I got an asgard female troll a few minutes ago in the post. :)

  3. Dave, that's great, very witty and the chaos dude paint-splat art is just spot-on.

    In fact it inspired me to quickly work-up a retro banner for my own blog:


  4. Thank you for your kind words Dave.
    I was collecting some old stuff by e-bay a year ago, but I had some bad experiences with recast figures and specially with the spanish post service (cabrones), well I'm trying now to buy just to my old friends and relatives, where I know from where and when comes the stuff.

    Ahhh, but this irresistible yearn for visit my e-bay account and check some offers...