Thursday, May 13, 2010

Reaper cuties

This pic is a converted Succubus from Reaper minis.  I resculpted her back to hide the wing joint, so that she could be a human sorceress for my wifes sexy amazon SOBH army.  Fantastic cheesecake curves.on this model and a great expression to boot.

Converted Reaper Succubus

Next up is another Reaper mini- part of a two pack of Cave Girls.  The other figure in the pack is absolutely perfect, very 2000 BC.  This one has a strange, almost comical face with bowled forehead- rather than resculpt it, I simply used a dark colored band of color across the face to help minimise it, and drew the attention to the hip using a tatoo.  I went from disliking the model to finding her rather charming.

Reaper Cave Girl

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