Thursday, May 13, 2010

Fluffy the Chaos Hound

One of the original 1980's Citadel Chaos Hounds.  This bicephalous mutt  got bundled into the McDeath deal, thus sealing his fate as a collectors item.  This one arrived thick with tarnish and had a cracked tail, however as you can see, he came up quite good in the end.  A few more passes of paint to go.

Chaos Hound "Fluffy"

Unlike some of the Mcdeath figures, Fluffy comes up quite a bit and often sells for under a tenner.  Its a really hefty model, much bigger than the later chaos hounds of the Realm of Chaos Era.  As you can see, he is pretty much a horse.  Perhaps if I get another I may do a mounted conversion.

In the painting by John Blanche, Fluffy has a spiked mace tail.  I was tempted to put one on since the tail was already damaged, however I felt restoration would be better in the end.  Enjoy!

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