Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Group shot

So here are a few from my painted collection so far.  All of these are from 1980s Citadel miniatures ranges.

Since I was collecting vintage figures, I decided to got vintage with the basing style.  Hex bases where originally released with citadel figures, but quickly died off before the 1990s brave new world.  You will find Talisman figures originally shipped with Hex bases- if your going for authentic.
The simple mossy look is just sand and pva glue mixed into a concrete, and then a fine layer superglued to the top for roughness.  The colors and ornaments are inspired by the bases Kev 'Goblin master' Adams- check Heroes for Wargames for lots of examples of his great stuff.


  1. The Authentic is a great word. I was looking a long time for british coins from 197's to use as slottas in pre 1984 minis.

    Lovely this book you told, I have my own copy save as gold in my library.

    I hope you excuse my english and if I make any mistakes.

  2. Heh- UK coins with polyfilla or tetrion over them. Authentic as F&&k! Especially if you paint them blue-grey and stick mushrooms on them!