Thursday, April 27, 2017

Skulldred Errata so far

Here are some errata for the GX Skulldred:

So I just noticed that the entire wildside page is missing entirely from this build. 

It works like this- on a 'wild' roll, your model performs its wildside action (bottom left of card).

 A hero reads a wild as 2 pips.  A leader as 3 pips.  Rolling a wild is a good thing for them.

Any model within near range of a hero or leader is inspired and instead read their wild as 2 or 3 pips respectively.
A model within far range of a leader who can draw line of sight to them also gets 2 pips on a wild as they are under command of that leader.  Downed Leaders and Heroes do not inspire or command, funnily enough.

Sample wildsides provided in demo are;

Lock up - model loses activation. If engaged in combat, disengage- if you cannot do so, roll 1 critical hit die.
Vanish- model dissapears back to the dark realm it came from, cackling as it goes.
Blind Fury- make 1 move action towards nearest model and attack it- friend or foe.  If two or more models are equal distance, Roll die to determine which player gets to decide which is chosen- on a hit- owning player, on a miss, opponent.

The full rules have dozens of wildside options, each giving you more points the more terrible!  Advanced rules include terror- which blocks inspiration and command, standard bearers and musicians which chain command from a leader to distant models and spells which impose wildsides on heroes and leaders.

If a weapon is marked as 'reload', place a reload counter next to the model or on its profile card.
A reload action takes 1 pip.

Some weapons require 2 pips worth of reloads- they get two reload counters on their card.

When any ranged weapon rolls zero hit dice, it has jammed or it requires some attention before it can fire again.  Place a reload counter on it.

Have fun X}


  1. Thanks for putting skulldred gx up. years back i had tried to download your stuff after emailing etc but it all fell over so I am looking with fresh eyes and keen interest. i hope it is a huge success.

  2. Hello, Delaney!

    A little old, but, a suggestion: In order to keep the probabilities of success to about 60% (which is what you would get with D6's, D8's and Fudge Dice), you might want to make a 7 a miss when rolling with D10's.

    Also, just in general, do you have a specific place to send suggestions/criticisms/etc regarding Skulldred that isn't a comment on this post?

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

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