Thursday, January 26, 2017

Girl power

To celebrate my first paycheck I popped into my local game store and treated myself to some females of the 'take no shit' persuasion.  The Womans March was inspiring, what can I say?

Amelia Fox is a gumshoe from Reaper Chronoscope range and the others are apparently from a zombie TV show noone has ever heard of called 'Wanking Ted' or something like that.  Weird name if you ask me.  Maybe the old guy the two women came with is Ted.  I dunno.

Anyhoo, I am feeling virtuous as I got these babes (and Ted) home, rebased and enamel spray primed them.

The walking dead (yeah, I know, I know- my brain is a mystery) minis are about 30mm scale- which is actually really nice.  I think it is the *right* scale for a game played around a dinner table.  Easy to paint, lots of detail and detail you can see at range.  Bravo Mantic!

Back to work tomorrow.  Hoping my new castings arrive- alongside all the Darkling minis, I ordered the fantastic chaos range from Eureka. That's gonna be a blast!


  1. The eureka chaos figs look very cool/entertaining....I've been tempted to grab them myself, but haven't pulled the trigger yet. I'm looking forward to seeing what you think of them, and how they paint up.

  2. I wonder if the Women's March will have more of an impact in the future of miniature designs? I'd like to see a more well-rounded (excuse the pun) sample of different female body types represented in the future of fantasy and sci-fi miniatures.... after all, we can't all be stick figure size-zeros in scantily clad pseudo bondage gear. ^^