Friday, November 4, 2016

PAX lizardman

So much fun at PAXaus!  This little Reptus spearman is my speed paint at the Reaper Paint and Take table- using just the basic starter paint set and a shitty communal brush!  Photographed infront of Aetherworks lovely little dioramas.  More to come.  :)

And because when you woke up today you really needed to see Velma Dinkley drawing a draaaaaagon with a texta on a sheet.  Jinkies!


  1. Love the result (and backgrounds). Great to see how a small number of paints and time can give fantastic results in the hands of a skilled person.

    One thing missing from most painting sites is how to use basic paint colours to achieve good table top standards in a few minutes rather than spending weeks on a super figure that most folk would never attempt.

  2. Awesome work on the painting. Jealous of everyone at PAX - have fun!

  3. Great looking paint job! Is that a Bones figure? Or is it metal?

  4. Have you ever considered recording a live painting session? Seems to me that your techniques are the type that need to be watched.

    1. Yes, I planned to- but I need studio space, decent lighting and a good webcam to do it. Next year hopefully!