Monday, March 21, 2016

Weird energy day

So, I get a message from an old friend from my college days and he has a box of old minis he wants to get rid of 'to clear up some mental space'.

I gladly accepted them.  For mental space reasons, of course.

Then, later the same day a completely different friend offered me a box of miniatures that she wanted to get rid of 'to clear up some mental energy'.

Naturally they where grenadier monsters that where all gaps in my collection (and that is a tricky thing to do).

Naturally, mental space comes first!  I bravely accepted them.

What is going on?

Anyone else got some mental energy they need clearing up?  ;)


  1. It's about time you caught a break! I look forward to seeing what you do with the Grenadier monsters; a lovely range of figures.

  2. Hear hear, updates eagerly anticipated! :)

  3. Quite the contrary. I have excess mental energy. So if anyone wants to send me minis...

  4. Grenadier monsters and you want to hand in your card? The shame of it!