Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Gives good head

Got a lot of sculpting done tonight and prepped armatures for the three ass cannon crew, their six heads and the base body for the Cenboars.  I went with first wave Kev Adam's Ravenin Hordes era boar bodies (I am also sculpting a boar for a client based on citadel's fiend factory one, so that's weird.  Boars everywhere!).
The cenbor base boar body will go off to be moulded and once the masters are back, variants and the upper bodies will be made.  So I get a war boar mount as an extra model for sale!

Ass cannon head number one.  Based on the original, but with a little more strain on his face and a ball in its mouth.  He gets ears next then once the cannon collar is made it is finished.

Ass cannon head number 2.  'Fen cyclops'.  It is having trouble firing, so is biting down on it's lip.  I know, I know... You want some fen cyclopses.  Noooope.

I think perhaps an ogre-like head with an underbite and fangs may be in order for orcish teams.

Whilst all that was drying I also rolled put some sheeting yo cut the Juggernaut test panels.

Lots to do.  Lots to do.