Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Realms of Fido

I love dog minis, so even though I am not fond of the style of Marauder Miniatures, I  still got excited when I found this in my mate Pete's box of delights.  I pushed this one up the queue because I wanted to show Pete that his donated figures are in good (and grateful) hands.
 I started with natural ghoul greys highlighted in menoth white base but was attacked by the demon 'fukdisforralaff' and changed to crazy chaos mode.

I feel the trick with minis you do not like stylistically is to go all out batshit crazy on them. We all know just how prone to serious mental disorders guano can be.

Stay frosty people <3

[Lgbtiq bit:]. Speaking of bats... DC comics not only gave us a lipstick lesbian batwoman (and a redhead too) but recently announced Catwoman is officially bisexual.  The original, retired Catwoman  Selina Kyle is to be involved romantically with the current Catwoman). This is massively important, because erasure of bisexual identity is a real problem, even in LGBTIQA communities. Just youtube the Anna Paquin interview on bisexuality and you can see it in practice.   I had the pleasure of discussing this with a fired up bisexual friend recently and she got me all fired up about the problem too!  Some people like chocolate, some people like strawberry.  Some are happy with either (or both in one bowl). And that's that.  

I like mint choc with the chocolate picked out.  That isn't a metaphor by the way.

Well done DC!  I must get some DC minis to celebrate.  I hope Marvel makes Spider Gwen a polyamorous pansexual.

Look it up if you have to.


  1. Gadzooks, that's incredible. "Batshit crazy" hits the nail on the head. Very, very cool.

  2. I had the same issue with this hound. Still not sold on my paint job. I might have to give it another go after seeing this one. Awesome stuff!

  3. Batshit crazy was the right call. Looks fantastic.

  4. Very nice painting!