Friday, November 7, 2014

PAX Been there, done that, got the FREAKING CTHULU!

Aaaand I am back... just.

  I barely survived PAX.  No, not the PAX pox, which everyone seemed to be catching (man flu) but the crushing weight of my bag laden with goodies (and yeah, clothes, makeup, hair accessories... I AM a girl, okay?).

I decided not to enter the speed painting contest, as to not crush peoples wills.  Let them enjoy their so called 'speed painting'.  (actually I was drunk at a party when it happened and felt annoyed I did not drive my enemies before me and eat the lamingtons of their women.  Mmm.  Lamingtons.

  I managed to get away with minimal spending actually.  A black master series paint, an free elf ranger (painted at the paint and keep table Reaper put on), a fire elemental, one of the sexy Umberhulks from the new DnD collectors range and...


Okay, roll for initiative bitches!

After getting the king of beasties, everything else seemed a little tame.  Y'know?

Okay, Glottkin and Nagash are looking like my christmas list nasties... but oooh, So Cthulu!  Much Lovecraft!  Very f'taugn.  (I think it is cruel that his mother named him Hit Points Lovecraft, don't you?)

Great face... kinda feels more like Hellboy than Lovecraft in my humble bumbles... also I think he is a tad on the small size... even for 15mm.  But a nice model.  I am tempted to make his gaze downwards to his victims and shift his pose a little.  You know.  Because reasons.

I got roped into the Reaper table (who helped store my crushingly heavy bag) and spend some time teaching people about acrylics.  I have to say I am dead impressed by the master series.  The black is particularly good coverage.

Next year I will do cosplay.  Be warned!


  1. I was yelling, "NOOO why didn't she enter the speed painting !" until I read the drink part, well, that's the only valide escuse so OK.

    Cthulu's pose is not absolutely perefct to be honest, it looks kinda tired like an granpa missing its cane which makes it lose of its cosmical majesty.

    Glottkin and Nagash ? really? Well you better make one hell of a job of them if you want us to excuse you for those, Lady.

    1. Pink glottkin!
      I wanted to paint my Nagash brown like chocolate, candy canes and lollipops and call him ganash.



      (Anna Kendrick face)

  2. 'Hit Points Lovecraft' ----> I almost wet myself.

  3. More pics from PAX please, now you need some 15mm insane investigators, yep tilt the head to look down that will work wonders. I was a bit miffed I failed to get this in the kickstarter oh well cant but them all.

    1. Next time. I didnt have enough hands free to take photos. Fnord.

  4. Was great to see you there, Delaney (And also see you take a C'Thulhu to a home where it will be well cared for). I think the other one went to someone who also got an Eldritch Demon, as was planning on making a saddle for the smaller one to ride the larger one :)

    1. Kinda sacrilage... Not sure how I feel about that.