Thursday, April 24, 2014

A little progress

A little progress on my current batch- two of which are shown and a quick color test for my minifig high elves.  I went with the Rodney Matthews classic purple/green combo.  I think the tunnel elves will be autumnal or green/slate grey.

I also forced myself to assemble and base up a tray load of multipart Reaper minis I have had in storage forever and fix a couple of broken minis that will go well with the current batch.  Mainly for the discipline, and a feeling of progression- plus they can all be photographed for Skulldred.  I found some nice treasure models in there so I whacked those on some bases too for the items section.

I then primed them all (and my tunnel elves) with my airbrush... which sadly broke today whilst cleaning.  The nozzle thread came off.  I swear I barely cranked the living hell out of it.  Lesson learnt.

So do you like the rough color scheme for the elves?


  1. I like those purple and green colors. Very nice. How's the skulldread coming along there? Still trying to get on the beta test list:) Also, was thinking of getting some of the older 1st run Darkiling minis but seems the site isnt up?

  2. Personally, I am a big fan of painted flesh in nonregular colours. Purple Elves? Sure!

  3. love the choice of purple for the skin =)

  4. You been Liebstered, son.

  5. Actually you've been Liebstered twice.

    Quick hands, Mr. Saturday...

  6. DOH! Make that thrice:

    1. 4 times ^^

  7. Fantastic site, congratulations !