Monday, April 15, 2013

Rebase-age groupshot

Its been a while since I did a group shot.  My blog started with lots of groupshots of minis on black.  I kinda loved that, so I did a quick phone snap after decorating some bases with flock in what little hobby time I had.
  Terrible pic, but hey...
Most of these I have posted earlier, but remind me in the comments if there is any I haven't and I will snap some proper pictures with the digital camera rather than my phone.  I know the beastman, mordheim dog and ludmilla loinripper are new.
Once again when I have a moment on the PC (wife is using it for an urgent lolcats update), I will put proper captions and stuff in.
Tired.  Long day.  Need a cup of tea.
Somewhere the tea is getting cold...
Citadel minis:  All and sundry!

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  1. beautiful miniatures beautiful colors! can you tell me the name of the girl in blue with a knife? I wanted to look for it on ebay is a beautiful miniature Many thank's simone